To the whom it may concern

In today’s blog, I’d like to talk about my special guy, J.T.A.

I just wanna describe my feelings and the stories happening between us because I need to do this to get over him.

4 months has passed already since we met each other. From the first sight, I became interested in you. I bet you did as well cuz you asked me out just after the first meeting. 

However, I’ve never mean i would fall in love with ya. I can say I tried to make use of you so that I can have someone special next to me. Then, dear, you definitely used me as F*ck buddy  I guess :(

Actually we promised not to become serious about our relationships in July. I was fine about it cuz I thought I could avoid having feelings for you. 

But, nah, I like you so badly now. And you do like me don’t you? 

I wanna know the reason why you call me baby. Why did you do the sad face when I described you “friend” to my friends?

I got confused and you made me so crazy.

Why did you asked me to give a hug?  Why did you call me sweetie? 

OMG, I’m so freaking out because of your unexpected behaviour.

I bet you know I crush on ya. And We know our relationships can’t work out. I don’t understand what you think.  I don’t want you to lead me on, but I’m stupid that I even feel happy that you are smiling and calling me your baby.

I like your smile, talk, considerations and even the face when you tease me.

I wish I could replace you with the other honest trustable guy.

It’s my feelings today. I have feelings for you so much, that’s all. I’m preparing myself to say bye to you.

I hope our future will make us get back together.

Love ya, bae.