The memory of BrisMUN 

From 5th to 8th, I participated in the BrisMun, the Brisbane Model United Nations Conference.

It was the first time to do it in Australia, so I was very insecure about what's going on, even though I played Mun many times in Japan.


I represented the delegate of Russian Federation in the United Nations Security Council. I really liked the position because Russia is the one of the favourite countries to represent, however I feel the big pressure at the same time. 


 For the first day, I was literally nervous. I didn't have any friends in the Mun and Im still struggling to speak English which is the big disadvantage to debate. In the opening ceremony, I felt lonely. Everyone sat next to their friends and only me sat alone.

It was the worst and the most painful moment during the conference. After the opening ceremony, there is the turning point. I met Frank who is kind and warm hearted guy at the Merlo cafe. I talked with him for 1 hour and share how worried I was. It helped me to be relax. After that, I can meet many people in the same conference and enjoyed chatting which set my mind at ease.

 Then, the first meeting started. I made speech for many times, but it was so embarrassing. My speech didn't have fluency and confidence, they kinda sucked... At the moment, I almost lost my motivation and felt depressed.


 I was helped by the people again. Fuzzies!!! My lovely fuzzies!!!!! It's not  that I can't continue Mun without Fuzzy.

The delegate and Directors give me Kind words and admitted my efforts. I was soo happy and almost crying!


After the first meeting, I talked with Julian who are from Japan. We didn't recognised each other so it was nicely surprising! We talk a lot and i feel secure and relieved. Then in the opening drinks, I played poll with Milankey and Julian and Yuu which was so fan.

Overall, I made a good start!


The next day, the conference became challenging for me. I couldn't sometimes get what the other delegates said and feel frustrated about the reality that I couldn't commit to the conference.

It was really challenging day.

I didn't really enjoy the committee dinner because I'm shy(I should change myself )(it was nice to be close to Ethiopia though )

Ohhhh I shouldn't forget the support from Amy. She can speak Japanese as well and she is nice. She took care about me so I can't tell the story of the Mun without her..


In the third day morning, I didn't want to go to the conference because I know I couldn't do well and it would be a long day for me. But I didn't want to give up, so I reluctantly went to the conference 

Then What did I see???


I got two fuzzies that encouraged me a lot.

Then the conference finished.


After all conferences finished, we went clubbing!!!! I got drunk and got crazy about dancing:))) it was crazy night but funny!!!

And I felt how close the delegates of our conference are!!!

We drunk together and I danced with the delegates of France and China. They are kind and warm hearted.

And I enjoy playing with some guys.😝 The one who hit on me  is a bit hot and handsome, so I a bit regret about ignoring him.