The daily life

I came home from the library just now.

It’s 1am midnight.

I feel exhausted and frustrated by accumulated works to do.

Recently, I got tired of facing a lot of assignments. Ive kept to library until midnight, however I can’t write anything on Words. I totally lose my way to do. I don’t know how to address the assignments at all.

Maybe I’m too stupid to do.

Actually, it’s first time that I can not see the answer by myself even if I’ve done my best. 

It’s very hard time now.

Im seeing the big wall that I feel like I never ever get over.

I don’t know how I overcome.

But I think it’s time to be positive.

I should address my issues and keep control myself.

The hard time is the best opportunities to develop myself.

Learn how to manage many work at the same time.

Learn the way to considerate to others even though I am caught up in something.

It’s how I live in the future.

Be patient.

Hang in there.